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$48.50 Freeman Ventilated Beetle Trap

Keep Your Hives
Well Ventilated
This Summer!

You’re  already familiar with
the Freeman Beetle Trap,
now it’s even better!

Click the picture above
to see more!

9 frame electric honey extractor $1,118.34

9 Frame
Electric Extractor

Cut your extracting time in half by slinging 9 frames at a time! Food grade Stainless Steel. Handles up to 9 frames of
5 3/8 inches or 6 1/4 inches!


This is where we’ll post our new arrivals. For now though, these are our featured items for the month.

Assembled Hive: $ 220.59 Unassembled Hive: $ 180.59

1 Telescoping Top

1 Inner Cover

1 Deep Hive Body

10 Frames

10 Plastic Foundations

1 IPM Screened Bottom Board

1 Entrance Reducer

1 Smoker

1 Hat / Veil Combo

1 “Starting Right with Bees” book

1 Hive tool

1 Pair Bucko Gloves


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Hive Starter Kit Hive Starter Kit Click image to enlarge Hive Starter Kit Click image to enlarge

Locally made Lip Balms in .25 oz (¼ oz) tins (similar to image).

Available in these flavors:


(Locally Produced)

$1.79 ea